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Managing Your Account

The first thing you need to know is that you cannot set up your own account. An account is created when a league officer assigns you a role such as official or coach. When a role is assigned the system asks for first initial and last name. If there are existing accounts that match, the officer sees a list of the matches and can either choose an existing account or create a new one. Thus you might end up with more than one account, for example, one with a role as an official, another with a role as a coach.

Rarely does a user want more than one account. Fortunately you have the option to merge multiple accounts into one. Here's how: Log into the account you want to keep. From your user home page go to Edit Personal Info (in the Links Bar at the top of the page). On the Edit User page, there is a Merge with Account form. Enter the login name and password from the second account and click on Merge Accounts. You will be taken to a page where you can select information from the two accounts to be kept in the merged account. After the merger, the remaining account will have all the various roles that the two original accounts had separately.

You also have the ability to remove a role on YourSportsLeague.com that is no longer used. To do this, go to Remove Roles (in the Links Bar at the top of the page). There you should see a list of all the roles your account is assigned, and check off those you wish to remove. Remember, only a league officer can add you back in a role once you remove it!. Note also - if you are a League Administrator for your league, you cannot remove this role. Only another League Administrator for your league, or one of our support staff, can remove a League Administrator role.

If you do not know your login info for an account, click on Forgot Your Password on the login page and enter your email address. You will receive an email listing the login information for all accounts that use the provided email address.